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According to the rules and important regulations, the account holder should obey the legislation and the jurisdiction. He/she must comply with the laws of the state in which they are located. Further, the company does not provide any kind of advice regarding the legal matters. An account holder will have to contact the concerned advisors for the same. In any situation where it is found liable by the court then the liability is limited only the player’s net winnings or the amount of stake. It is true that the company holds the complete right to solve any dispute at its own discretion. 

We cannot be held liable in case an account holder has made deposits through third party’s card or account, mentioning incorrect personal details of the personal account for withdrawals, requesting withdrawals from the company’s account to a third party’s account. It is the responsibility of the account holder to take care of the data or the software stored in the computer and the connection of the website. Further, the company does not acknowledge any type of liability due to any kind of mistake, misreading or mistranslation at the part of the account holders, criminal actions of the players and violation of the company’s rules. 

The prizes won through competitions, promotions or poker tournaments that are organised will be sent or cleared within the six weeks from the day the competition has ended. The company will take reasonable steps in case the account holder’s system or telecommunication system has failed in the middle of the moment when the wager is being placed. It will ensure that the game is terminated in such a situation or the account holder’s money is refunded to the account. The entire set of rules and regulations are very fair