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FanDuel, the most popular daily fantasy sports sites in the United States recently held a protest against Eric Schneiderman. This campaign was in the favor of fantasy sports sites and gathered the attention of hundreds of gambling fans and players. The rally was carried just outside the office of New York’s attorney general few months back. These people were seen with the signs and placards with the slogan saying ‘DFS is a game of skill’, ‘Schneiderman should focus on real problems’ and various others. 

About the Protest 

FanDuel organised the protest to demand the attorney general to give permission to the fantasy sports sites. Schneiderman consider fantasy sports games as the form of illegal gambling but the company claims that these are skill games. FanDuel and DraftKings both are against the protest and argue that even these fantasy sports need skills and mind. Both these operators in New York are unhappy with the protest and the attorney general as well. It is true that gaming laws are different from one state to another but the games of chance are always considered as gambling. However, states have different criteria to tag a game as gambling, depending upon how much change is required. 

FanDuel’s Plans 

FanDuel is still planning to expand itself in the United Kingdom unlike DraftKings, which has already launched itself there. These both the operators have applied for gambling licenses in the UK and DraftKings has received it. In addition to this, it is a fact that the gambling laws of UK and US differ a lot so the actions in the US can affect the arguments in the UK by no means. Once these companies have attained the license, they are sure to get open to more attacks. It is simply because the fantasy sports industry is demanding more to authorize its contents clearly. 

The Popularity of Fantasy Sports 

FanDuel and DraftKings are the two most popular daily fantasy sites that have raised almost around or over $350 million each when it comes to private funding. The popularity of both these sites is increasing with each passing day, as more and more players become a part of it. In fact, FanDuel is reported to have more than 1 million active users at present. In these types of fantasy sports games, players are required to pay a fee to participate in the short-term contest and selecting a particular line of athletes to bet upon. Based on the performance of these athletes, the wins and losses are decided. 


According to the reports, the attorney generals of Texas and Illinois also oppose the fantasy sports and consider them as the form of gambling under the state law. The revenue in the US market is not in a good state but the UK is going to earn profits through DraftKings newest soccer contests. The company has come up with these contests in order to attract more punters. Thus, the results and decisions regarding these fantasy sports is awaited by both the operators and the players.