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The weather of Atlantic City has affected the revenues of casinos all over the city. The month of January proved to be a big loss for these casinos. People visited the casinos very less and were often seen playing games on the online casino sites. Thus, the internet gambling showed a great increase in its profits.

About the Casinos' Revenues 

In the last month, the eight most popular casinos of the city took in $190.1 million, according to the reports. This rate was much lesser as compared with January 2015. While talking about internet gambling, there was an increase of almost around 26.5% as compared with the last year. In the earlier year, the revenue was just around $14.6 million. 

Without adding the extra income of online casinos, the actual revenue of Atlantic City’s offline casinos in January would have been limited to just $175.4 million. In addition to this, this income has been received only through slot machines and table games. No doubt, it is 5.6% down as compared with January 2015. 

Atlantic City’s Bad Weather 

As the New Year started, people were drawn to these offline casinos at a much greater rate. More and more visited the casinos due to New Years’ holiday weekend. Therefore, the initial days of January started well for the casinos but the same worsened in the later days of the month. With those two feet of snow in the city’s main feeder markets, hardly any player tried to visit the casinos. In fact, the Matt Levinson, chairperson of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission also remarked that people were not able to reach these casinos due to bad weather. 

He says that it is not a surprise to see that people preferred not to visit the casinos due to snow, which affected the business in January. However, the players at home switched to online form of gambling, which ultimately resulted in the profit of 26.5 percent. When it comes to online casinos, four casinos led the way. To start with, Tropicana casino showed an increase to $24 million. The others showed a decrease including Caesars casino, which was down 13.5 percent to $20 million. 

Other Casinos 

The Borgata showed a great increase by earning the highest monthly revenue of $56.6 million. This amount was twice the high as compared with its major competitor, Harrah’s. While talking about Trump Taj Mahal, the month of January was up by 2.3 percent to $12.4 million. According to the reports, the casino is in a process to be taken over by one of the popular billionaire investors. 


This entire news has made it clear that gambling has become a very important part of the Atlantic City. Although the online casinos were much preferred by the people in January, the total winning was less by 8 percent as compared with the offline casinos’ contribution. It is true that Borgata has continued to lead and dominate the others in the casino market. The results of the coming months are expected to be better than January.