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This is about a very famous football player, Angus Reid who developed an addiction of online gambling. Angus has played for Canadian Football League for 13 years and he retired in the year 2014. The former B.C. Lions player has unveiled his story of gambling addiction to the media. 

About his Gambling Addiction 

Angus reveals that his interest in online gambling started when he used to visit the casinos with his teammates in weekends or just occasionally. However, by the year 2007, he realized that his trips to these casinos increased a lot. He started playing casino games very often and consequently, developed an addiction of it. The football player also revealed the disturbances in his personal life due to his addiction. His marriage was falling apart and the issues with his spouse developed a lot. 

The activity that he started as fun with his friends developed into an addiction. In addition to this, the player said that his gambling addiction fuelled his competitive personality and life. He remarked that almost every athlete or a player has his/her own key personality traits. They are stubborn, hyper-competitive and have this feeling that they will always have things to win. Athletes always believe that they can make things happen. Due to addiction, the players could not sleep or do anything. 

His Recovery from Addiction

Angus direly wanted to overcome his addiction and he believed that the best place to go is to home. The player was not left with any dollars but was under a massive debt. Finally, he revealed about his addiction to his parents, which he had kept hidden since 2007. After he expressed, he had to go through the feelings of embarrassment and shame. The player then signed himself up for the BCLC voluntary self-exclusion program and controlled his urge to visit casinos to bet.

 The player’s reputation and goodwill greatly supported him in recovering and finally, he succeeded in it. He knew that he would not be able to bear the embarrassment of being thrown out of a casino so he barred himself from going there. Being away from those bright lights, the player started rebuilding his life. He was then able to focus on the important matters of life, give time to his family and prioritize things. After eight years, the player is in a state where he is proud to be. 

The Bottom Line 

The player mentions that it is very important to realize the gravity of the situation, which is the hardest part. If he were able to deal with his addiction on his own then he would have done that already. However, he had to approach his family to overcome such an addiction. In addition to this, the player also remarks that there are many resources, which can help in overcoming the addiction. In fact, some of these resources are available on the online casino sites itself. 

Thus, the player now feels happy and proud after overcoming his gambling addiction due to the support of the family.